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At Jernigan’s, we have been the number one choice for providing world-class hair restoration surgery to patients in the Raleigh area for over 35 years. At Jernigan’s Hair Replacement Clinic, we provide the full range of hair transplant services for both men and women.


Hair transplant procedures, like all other forms of plastic surgery, are an art. Hair transplantation requires dedicated surgeons with decades of experience and a keen aesthetic eye to create the most natural-appearing, most undetectable for each patient.

At Jernigan’s, we have the finest hair transplant surgeons and surgical team in the Raleigh area, and indeed throughout the United States and Canada. Our hair transplant surgery and hair restoration teams are renowned for their keen aesthetic sense in performing hair transplants and their exceptional surgical skills.


Our basic philosophy with respect to hair restoration can be stated simply: “Do one thing and do it extremely well.” We concentrate on performing the best hair transplantation possible for each individual patient. Our goal is to provide the best possible overall coverage and hair density.

Our hair transplant physicians produce a natural-appearing hairline with single, one-haired grafts called a follicular unit. Then they carefully blend in a range of different size grafts behind the hairline, giving each patient the best possible overall hair coverage and density. The grafts used throughout the area produce a completely natural result.

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If you are experiencing hair loss and thinning hair, our caring team of hair loss experts, with decades of experience in hair restoration, hair transplantation, and hair loss treatments, can help.

To see which hair restoration solution is right for you, we invite you to schedule a free, private, confidential hair loss evaluation and consultation today. Take the first step now and discover just how easy it really is to be yourself again.

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